What is Joule ?

Joule (J) is a unit of energy in science. It is our price unit of Popularity Index on a scale of 0 to 100 J. Joule (JUL) is also the crypto-currency in the ecosystem. The Joule exchange is the gauge of real-time public sentiment on a global scale. It complements other news media. It is a gamified media and a new income source.

Fast facts

Current Parameters (applicable to all items):

Price range: 0 to 100 J

Price interval: 0.1 J

Maximum daily price fluctuation: ± 5.0 J from previous day's close.

Unit Margin: 5.0 J

Unit transaction fee: 0.05 J

Unit Referrer Commission: 0.01 J


See the latest market data of each traded item.


Place Long or Short orders on the Joule exchange.


Read the ranked witty posts of opposing views.


Manage a portfolio of net positions and funds.


Transfer JUL and EOS tokens to and from other wallets.

What you do on the App

  • Follow the news and forums
  • Trade: take Long or Short positions
  • Collectively determine market prices
  • Teach others about Joule and earn referrer commissions

01 September: Joule soft-launch !

15 September: 1st Joule Meet-up in Hong Kong

30 September: Joule Ambassador Program launch

Joule is a Decentralized App built on the EOS blockchain. We are an international team aspiring to solve world problems and build a successful Decentralized Autonomous Community.

Core Team

Arthur Lai, Founder

- serial entrepreneur; experience in technology and multinational business

Guilherme, Douglas, Arushi, Umang

- Marketing & Business Development

Quentin Desouza

- engineer & entrepreneur; technology business owner

Gopal, Rajesh, Mahesh, Nikita

- experts in C++, databases, full-stack development and embedded systems

Social Media Contacts:

Telegram: t.me/joule_app
Telegram (Chinese): t.me/joule_app_chi
Youtube: youtube.com/joule.app
Email: info@ojoj.com